About me

I´m a woman. Yes. I´m survivor. Also, I´m, for time to time, lost, like all of us, sometimes.

Even thought I´m 45 years, I have hard times to act like that: I dont feel...old.

I lost 10 years from my life during sickness, now I´m getting to know me again. And I mean, really know. Some people can try to tell you, who you are..but knowing it yourself? That´s a whole different story.

I love clothes, make up, shoes and coffee. Also nature, easy life ( and by that I mean that I can go out without make up and wearing what ever I want) driving car, specially in snow and honesty.
And I love to strike a pose time to time!

I dont like dishonesty, when someone drops you down just because, teasing in any form, not to be able think outside from box.

I´m tough, if needed but inside...yes, romantic.


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