Monday, March 20, 2017

Sometimes it´s hard to be a woman

Or person. Just..human. I decided to write here again, after I have written for so long other blog. That is ok..not good or bad, ok blog. The problem has been with me, that I haven´t done it actually the way I want. I tried too much to be something else.

In these time, when social media is on top and it is demanding, I decided that I shall use picture that I don´t fix. You know, no photoshop or so. Also, I try my best to tell about my life as it is, not as I want it to be. Like, shopping, staying in great spas or so. My being here in earth is all about family, training, food, fighting against my own head (small age crisis) you know, ups and downs. Like we all have. But I want more...well, "ugly" pictures and not too fancy things. Ok, sometimes, of course there will be some awesome clothes (In my opinion) and make ups. I love those things as much I love to drive fast cars and being dirty in back yard. Fixing yard, what did you think? :D

I train hard, 9h per week. 4 hours walking/ running and 4 to gym. But I´m not a fitness- type, I love goodies too much. Also, I´m in to power. I enjoy to lift hard, love to be strong. Not gonna post gym selfies here, no. Maybe something, how I am progressing with weights or so, but that´s it. I think.

Also, I´m Gemini by horoscope so I might change my mind about that.

Main thing is: no matter how old you are, what size you are, what color you fab. Be your own best. Be you. 

I hate, if someone say´s to me: Too old for that shi#. I´m not gonna be too old to celebrate birthdays. Or smaller things. Not too old to wear what ever I want. Not too old to have fun. Not too old to listen my music loud in car. Not too old for anything! 

So, even if I´m turning 46years, I wanna be free to live as I want. So..are you with me on this?

Time to hit the gym, I have in this week my test, how much I can lift in 5 RM. Today, deadlift. Not too sure, how much I shall put weight in 5 lifts..we´ll see! Wish me luck force. It´s not about luck, it´s more about me against me.

Good book, makes me feel like a pro ;)

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