Saturday, December 10, 2016

what a fab day

Dear diary, and if there´s someone out there to reading this.

I´m just starting to put my make up, nice clothes and then some delicious food. After that to some cappucino in some awesome place! Sounds good, right?

Well, the truth is...Yes, putting make up, yes, good food and nice clothes and having coffee but heading to see my mother in law to hospital. Reality bites here. I´m drinking black coffee from cardboard cup. Hoping that she will recognize me.

I would rather do that first thing, but I want, of course, go and see that iron woman. Who have had 2 strokes after one big one.

I would rather go to cappucino, cause then she would be ok and home. You know?

What can I say, life dosent listen always us, we have to listen it. Or close enough.

After that I was planning to do some decoration and enjoy chocolate and just relax. 

Reality: I try to clean whatever our 4 cats and 2 dogs has done, while we are gone. After that I´m taking my protein and go to our home gym, to lift some heavy iron. Sounds like a lady- thing to do?

Can I lost myself here, in some weird cloud and just be with my pink dreams? Like you know, fluffy, warm and happy happy joyful things. White, pure home and smiling people? Can I do just that, for a moment. Or week. Or... you know, more? I need some escape......small break.

Fluffy dreams.....